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All of our bespoke specifications are provided in accordance with BS Regulations.

Experts in Passive Fire Protection

We Sell Intumescent & Fire Retardant Coatings
Provide Installation & Certification S
ervices Nationwide

Fire Door Upgrades

We can upgrade new and existing timber doors and certify to FD30 or FD60 standard*, in accordance with BS476 Part 22 1987​:

  • Domestic Loft Conversions

  • Home Extension Fire Door Upgrades 

  • Commercial and Office premises

  • Residential Fire Door Upgrades

  • Grade I & II Listed Buildings

  • Government / Council Buildings

  • Flat-Panel / Raised & Fielded Doors

  • Ledged and Ledged & Braced Doors

  • Double Doors

  • Glazed Doors

  • Ornate Doors

  • And More...

*Doors must meet criteria to be eligible for upgrade.


Please contact us with door dimensions (including thickness and thickness of panels) for an upgrade specification.

Technicians at Work

Fire Coatings for All Substrates 

We offer certified fire protection coating systems to a wide range of substrates for 30 minutes , 45 minutes , 60 minutes fire protection 

  • Fire Protection for Steel (including structural steel - up to 120-mins)

  • Lath & Plaster , Plasterboard Fire Protection Upgrades (up to 60-mins)

  • Internal and External Timber Fire Protection Upgrades (from Class 0 Spread of Flame & EU Class B s1-d0, up to 30 and 60 minutes, depending on timber type and thickness)

  • Fire Protection for Concrete

  • PVC Fire Upgrades

Fire protection for steel specifications can only be provided upon receipt of a completed steel schedule form. Please send the completed form to

Timber Fire Protection Upgrades

We can upgrade natural hardwood and softwood timbers, as well as most timber derivatives and man-made timbers

  • Fire Protection up to 60 minutes for Internal and External Timber

  • Hardwood & Softwood 

  • 30 to 60-minutes Fire Protection, in accordance with BS476 Part 22 1987

  • MDF, Glulam, CLT, and other man-made timbers

  • Class 0-1 Spread of Flame, in accordance with BS476 Part 6 1989

  • EU Class B s2-d3 to B s1-d0

All installation works fully certified upon completion.

We can provide full specifications to achieve the required fire-rating, and also supply materials only (inc. certificate of supply). If you are self-applying / using a contractor we can provide a Certificate of Supply that will verify that the specification provided is fit for purpose. 


Installation & Upgrade Works

We have engineers available to install and certify all upgrade works across the whole of England & Wales.


All passive fire upgrade installation works undertaken are certified in accordance with BS regulations (all test data available upon request).


We offer free advice and have surveyors available for site visits 

We also supply products with fast delivery available!

Get in touch today for more information

Please contact our Site Surveyor on 07729723630 for more information

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