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About Our Company

Fully accredited with over 15 years experience

When it comes to choosing a reliable company with the highest quality products look no further than Complete Fire Protection Upgrades Ltd (CFPU). With over 15 years of experience in the passive fire industry, we provide expert advice to help guide you through fire regulations.

Our number one priority is making sure that we deliver the best service possible and work extremely hard to make sure any work carried out is exceptional.

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These intumescent systems of passive fire products are installed and remain passive until they are required to do their fire protection job.

Passive fire products are the first line of defence in a fire, and they work by reacting to fire without human intervention, sealing openings to contain fire in a building by means of compartmentation, by retarding the passage of flames across a surface, and by resisting the penetration of fire into structural elements such as doors. This not only limits the damage to property but gives time for people to be evacuated safely from the building and allows firefighters to get to the scene.


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600SQM External softwood timber cladding to EU Class B s1 D0 / Class 0-1 Spread of Flame in accordance with BS476 Part 6 1989, using Envirograf Product 92 ES/VFR system (pictured right)

Other projects include fire-stopping & compartmentation numerous hospitals, council & government buildings, and door upgrades in Grade I & II Listed buildings (commercial & domestic) across the country.

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