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Door must meet following criteria:

  • Minimum 35mm thick
  • Minimum panel thickness 6-9mm
  • Flat panel doors only
  • Door must be free from cracks/splits, penetrations
  • Door must fit into doorframe and onto doorstops sufficiently with a 3-5mm gap between door and frame all the way around
  • Suitable for FD20 and FD30 standard only (FD30 requires intumescent seals and three fire-rated hinges)


Doors that do not meet this standard will void any supplied certification. 

Intumescent White Card & Coat Flat-Panel Door Upgrade Kit

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Kit contains the following:

    Primer (1 coat @ 12SQM)

    White intumescent coating (2 coats @ 8sqm)

    Intumescent membrane card (900x1350mm)

    Intumescent adhesive

    White matt undercoat (1 coat @ 10sqm)

    Certificate of Supply

    The above system may be overcoated 24 hours after application. A trial area is strongly recommended.

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